A List of Sundial Mottos

Recently I've been researching sundial mottos. Take a look at a sundial and you'll notice most of them have some kind of inscription, often related to time, impermanence or mortality. Whenever you want to know the time, you're reminded that life is short. The present moment is precious.

Tempus breve est. (Time is short.)

Utere, non numera. (Use the hours, don't count them.)

Mox nox. (Night, shortly.)

Serius est quam cogitas. (It's later than you think.)

Vita fugit, sicut umbra. (Life passes like the shadow.)

Vita in motu. (Life is in motion.)

Tempus edax rerum. (Time devours things.)

Tenere non potes, potes non perdere diem. (You can avoid wasting a day, although you cannot hold it.)

Ab ultima aeternitas. (From the last hour begins eternity.)

Ad occasum yendimus omnes. (We are travelling each towards his sunset.)

Aut disce, aut discede. (Either learn or go.)

Ars longa vita brevis. (Art is long, life is short.)

Cœlestia  monstratc in umbra. (In a shadow he explaineth the heavens.)


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